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Parkland, FL February 2018


Miami-Dade County has certified The News Directors, Inc. as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) in Goods & Services and a Local Developing Business (LDB).   Miami-Dade County Public Schools has certified The News Directors, Inc. as a Micro Business Enterprise (MBE) Tier 1. 

We help organizational leaders and City Managers with leadership in a crisis, setting the tone for responses, coordinating roles and information with elected officials and ensuring effective relationships with the community and governmental partners.  We also assist with media & message management, keeping important audiences informed while combatting rumors and misinformation.  

In blue skies, we provide contract professional services to assist with strategic communications, explaining and breaking down complicated public policy matters, and working with your elected and appointed officials to help them shine! 

We also handle special projects that require cities to look outside their organization for project management.

The News Directors, Inc. provides business and political due diligence services through our team of licensed Private Investigators.  

Turn to us for comprehensive reports on your business partners and political foes.  


Our work includes criminal background checks, lawsuit searches, assets, corporate responsibility, social media, and, if required by you, interviews of the targets, family members, friends, and other investigative measures.   

Everything we do is strictly legal and confidential.  There’s a strong chance the targets we are vetting for you will never know.