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It’s a giant moderated conference call, that has the feel of a live talk radio show, allowing cities to hear from the public on important issues and for the public to hear from the city in a moderated, controlled environment.  


Call topics range from Q&A regarding high profile incidents and issues to a call-in about budget priorities.   Cities can call out to a list of residents provided via public record voter rolls, or, can create an “opt in” form on their website for residents to sign up to participate.    There’s no need to come to City Hall.  City Hall calls you when it is time for the meeting.    The Telephone Town Hall calls out to all who signed up, or to every residents on the voter roll, when it is time to connect the call.  The system can call out to up to 10,000 numbers at a time.   Callers also have the option of using a toll free number to join the call in progress.   When the call is completed, the city receives a full report with names, addresses, phone numbers, questions, polling question responses, and other data.  Cities also receive an audio file of the call which can be used as a downloadable podcast for residents to listen to the next day.   

Please see this example of a Telephone Town Hall seeking input from residents on spending priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.   

Follow the link below to download the full conference recording:

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